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Release 2.1.19

Fix for field focus issue on page load in Velocity Web.

Release 2.1.18

Target Android 11
Fix for Panasonic Picklist mode
Fix for Zoom Setting works for only the first Web page rendered.
Fix for PM550 with N6703 scanner becoming disabled.
Fix Lock Screen to Top Left when Enable Scrolling and Panning is enabled to still allow scrolling.
Add external keyboard (KYPD-WT6X) support for Zebra WT6000/WT6300.
Reduced visibility of transitions when performing page inserts.
Fix crash that happens in Android pre-Marshmallow.
Fix for modern templates not rendered after device suspension

Release 2.1.17

Added velocity://resources/file.ext scheme handling.
Fix IBM 3270 displaying commands as character data.
Fix Seuic scanning to restore scan sound setting on exit.
Managed Configurations now support all TE emulation types.
Fix for Lock Screen to Top Left where keyboard that changes the view width caused the lock to drift.
Fix for Pointmobile scanner disabled when leaving Velocity.
Fix IBM 5250 attribute characters were not removed from the print stream.
Fix for Network.registerForEscapeSequence() when using ConnectPro.
Fix TC70 flashing when the device menu button is held down.
Updates for AccuSpeech Mobile as a voice provider added AccuSpeech Project value.
Added support for Datalogic SkorpioX5

Release 2.1.16

Added option Allow File Upload for Web.
Added option set location of Wi-Fi level and battery level indicators.
Fixed script error when using Connect Pro.
Fixed NFC Tap to pair when FIDO2 authentication is enabled.
Added support for deployment encryption.
Fixed multi-tap on various devices.
Fixed default zoom not being set on Web Host Profiles
Update option Auto Reconnect to retry a Telnet connection when the WiFi signal is lost.
Fixed scan beep when using a wired headset to play on the headset.

Release 2.1.15

The initial release of Velocity Web on iOS

Release 2.1.11

Some new features coming into the product are NFC staging, Camera Integration, Third Party apps into the toolbar, WiFi indicators etc.

Also, continue your support of the voice platform; ANZ has provided many great suggestions to improve the product.

More Device Support

We’re always expanding the number of devices we support. So we have included support for the Honeywell VM3A and the Point Mobile PM85 and PM90 devices with this release.

Support for true Passwordless Authentication in Web

Velocity now supports true usernameless and passwordless authentication through the addition ofWebauthn and FIDO2. Using NFC, authentication to the web host application is highly secure and easy as tapping an ID card and entering a PIN.

Updated Management Methods

We have made several big changes in the way that Velocity is managed. You can now take a device where Velocity is fully configured and easily share the configuration with any number of other devices using an NFC tap. All of the host profiles and other associated files will be downloaded from the master to the target.

Avalanche customers using Android Enterprise now have an additional option in the Velocity App Config in the Play Store. Configuration bundles can be hosted in Avalanche, and by using the configuration manifest option, Velocity clients will download their configurations from an Avalanche server. Additionally, customers using the soon-to-be-released Avalanche version will see that the Velocity License ID will now be available as an additional field in device details. This makes it easier to correlate devices between Avalanche and the Velocity License server.

We have changed the folder that the client looks in for its configuration because of the Android operating system changes, so ensure that you refer to the updated documentation for the latest news.

Additional Scanning Options

Customers deploying devices without dedicated hardware scanners can now configure camera scanning in the console and push down scanner profiles to their devices. In addition, the client now includes embedded camera scanning support. Furthermore, Honeywell customers can configure Velocity as a target for their Android intents in the wedge.

Script Updates

As always, there are more scripting options available. For example, the Velocity License ID is accessible via script so that you can use it as needed. Also, the Launch Intent script APIs have been extended to include Array data types for improved integration options with external applications.

More Client Options

Integrations to other applications on the device are now easier. An icon will appear in the client taskbar that makes shelling out to external applications much more accessible, such as quickly launching Zebra Workforce Connect or pulling up a calculator.

For customers who are running in immersive mode or a lock task mode, WiFi signal strength and battery level indicators can be overlaid on top of the client so that task workers are always aware of the status of each.

The Velocity client is available in the Google Play store at this link:


· Improved project loading times in the console

· Now prompted to save changes when leaving the script editor

· Cipherlab RS50 scanner now properly reinitialized when returning to Velocity application

· Fixed various keyboard issues on Windows 10 client

· Added Code 29 and I2of5 options to the Cipherlab scanner page

· Fixed some looping reconnect issues when using Session Persistence Server.

· Locking landscape orientation sometimes locks in portrait instead

· On some devices with hardware keyboards, a single tab would sometimes result in a double tab

· Crash when scanning on some Honeywell devices

· Hardware picklist overrides I2of5 settings with Zebra HID scanners

· Imported keyboards not saving in project

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