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Preparing for Remote Support
Preparing for Remote Support

Setting up the PC to provide assistance/ support

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Datapel Remote Support is a desktop application that allows the Datapel Support Team to diagnose your Datapel system's operation actively.

Detail Steps

To obtain Datapel Remote Support, you need to install the Datapel Remote Support installation file.

1. Click on the download file below, and follow the instructions.

2. Save the Application to your desktop.

3. Double click the New blue icon on your desktop to start the software.

4. Once the software is running; you will be provided with an ID. Please give this ID to your Datapel support member when calling for support.

Download remote support software (click the image below)

Related Information

This connection is secure. A team member will only connect when you call for support and have the software running. Once the support issue is resolved and the software is closed, all outside connection attempts will be refused until you rerun the software.

If you currently have a licensed version of Teamviewer installed, please do not download or run this software.

Some security software and anti-virus software will treat this software as a threat and not allow it to download, run, install, or will not provide an ID . Please discuss alternate access with your Datapel support member.

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