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WMS Preferences - General
WMS Preferences - General

Controlling general preferences

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WMS General Preferences


Unlike all other Preferences, the General Preferences are controlled and set Individually by each User via their own username login.

These are the optimum speed settings for the system:

  • Register Date Range > Disabled

  • Hide Quotes After > 7 days

  • Hide Closed records > Next day

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Default User Location

Users Default location for all new receive orders, transfers, and checkouts, Sales, etc.

Default Shipping Method

Users Default/Standard Shipping method, where a customer does not have a default set against their card in MYOB.

Local Date Format

Determines date format, For example: dd-mm-yyyy. Users within AU Region should select *windows Default and ensure their windows are set correctly.

Register Date Range

Users Default date range for records within the Registers.

Default POS Customer

User to select default Point Of Sales Customer etc. Cash Sales

Allow Pick/Pack Order Asssignment to my User Account

Can assign the Order to a particular Pick/Pack person (commonly used for scanner order assignment)

Stock Legend defaults to *Show All

On will default Stock Legend\Stock Lookup screen filters to *Show All. Use only when a small number of Items in the Stock List.

Date Range Includes Promise Date

Register date includes search within promised date field.

Default searching by Item Name not Number

On will default Search by Item Name. Off will default search by Item Number.

Save windows sizes with positioning

Save window positions as you exit, ready for login.



Hide Closed records

User selects period that CLOSED records within Registers are no longer displayed. When records are closed, they HIDE the next Day but are searchable and viewable once any filter is selected.

Revert Off Cross Dock

It shows how long the CROSSDOCK indicator remains.

If a site has never used cross-docking before and does not wish to use it, please use the status of 'Never.
Off backorder date information in sales order and lines are not retained.

If a site had used cross-dock before and decided to disable it (temporarily or permanently), please use ‘Disabled.’
Offering back-order date information in sales order and lines is retained in the orders should the status be changed.

Hide Sale Quotes after

User selects period to hide QUOTES within Registers.

After record transaction

Action to take place when recording a sale order. Common setting unless wanting to PICK and Reserve Stock.

Always Use Paging Mode for Registers

On will use Paging mode.

Refresh Item register OnDemand

By default, the register will refresh every five minutes (to gain information from other users); if this is off, the refresh is manual and only updated when F5 or tools refresh is selected.

Show contact details as

Sales show BILL Contact details/Despatch Ship to. Otherwise, both show SHIP TO; this also affects the email address used in the registers.

Show Stock control flags filter

Show or Hide stock flags in inventory detail.

Show transaction filter as

Shows only transactions where the user is the salesperson etc.

Preview Item image attachment

Users can view Product Images within Left Hand Side Column.

Highlight overdue Sale/Receive Orders

Changes row colour to Red in purchase register and despatch register if current date exceeds promise Date"

Display transaction form after record

On will Display a pop-up report window for all transactions.

Example: If this setting is OFF

Entering Sale > Print Preview selection won't be saved after creating/updating Sales Order.

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