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EAN Barcode Printing for Crystal Reports
EAN Barcode Printing for Crystal Reports

Printing EAN Barcode

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This document explains how to print a basic EAN barcode onto a crystal report.

Detail Steps

  1. Open the Report using the Crystal Reports Program.

  2. Create a new formula field.

  3. Paste in the text Data from the attached EANFormula.txt file.

  4. Change type to Basic Syntax.

  5. Alter Text in the formula "DataToEncode = "CON", replace just the letters CON for a simple text barcode or replace "CON" with another formula field.

  6. Place field onto the report.

  7. Change Font to "Courier New", style regular, size approximately "4.5."

  8. Barcodes may need to be layered and lined to avoid horizontal gaps.

Related Information

Ensure to set the applied Tilde function to true in the basic syntax options if you are using the ~212 or ~213 etc. for FNC codes (~212 for 2 digit AI's and ~213 for 3 digit AIs and so on)

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