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Creating Business Process Maps (BPM)
Creating Business Process Maps (BPM)

Creating Business Process Maps (BPM)

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By using Locations and Bins in the Warehouse Management System you can create business specific workflows or business process maps (BPM).

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Use locations or bins to represent steps in a process flow. You can then use Stock Control Flags to signal the status of stock at each process step. Finally, use Bin-to-Bin transfers to move processes from one stage to the next. Attachments can be used to attach more detailed information to items as they move through the workflow states.

Other applications of locations and bins include job progress tracking, equipment hire management or asset tracking.

For example:

You could create a QUARANTINE location from which no stock can be sold; you could also create an INSPECTION Bin or UNPACKING Bin representing simple activities that need to be performed.

For sales, you could create a Specials Bin and instruct all sales people to look for cross-selling opportunities by reviewing this location when completing customer sale orders.

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