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Giving overview how WMS calculates Landed Price / Last Cost

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This article gives an overview how WMS calculates last Cost and why it may show a different value than your accounting system.

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Case 1

The CloudWMS holds the last replicated cost from your accounting system. If the value is showing incorrectly you may need to run a system replication.

Case 2

Your items are setup with GST buying tax code but you normally purchase your items tax free.

  • Accounting software Last Purchase price shows as $1.067014

  • Tax Code When Bought is set to GST (Goods and Service Tax) 10%

  • In WMS Item shows as $0.9700

Why does WMS and MYOB show different Last Cost?

  • The buying code on the item in the accounting system is GST.

  • When reading the item details from the accounting system the WMS is unable to see if the Last Purchase for the item used the GST tax code.

  • The system has to assume the tax code on the item was used.

  • WMS uses the price provided less 10% tax (1.067014/1.1=0.9700127272)


Update the items default tax buying code in your accounting system to N-T/Free if you usually buy those items tax free.

Related Information

This article refers to the MYOB accounting system, however, this article is applicable to all accounting systems connected to the CloudWMS.

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