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MYOB card file in Bill To & Ship To address
MYOB card file in Bill To & Ship To address

MYOB card file address fields limitations

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This article explains MYOB card file address fields limitations.

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There are 4 lines available in the address box in the WMS, and each line allows a maximum of 50 characters.

In MYOB, the rule for importing is Total Address field (lines 1 to 4) cannot exceed 255 characters, alphanumeric.

Manual entry in MYOB allows additional lines; however, import is restricted to 4 total.

Tip, City, States and Postcode data to be placed in the respective field that MYOB provided.

If on WMS > Sales Order > Ship To > require to type the address (Example: For Cash Sales) manually, also need to ensure only 4 lines only and each line MUST not exceed more than 50 characters.

MYOB Restrictions

WMS address fields accept 4 lines of 50 characters per line.

MYOB and WMS may show the full address on the card and even when loading into the sale; however, saving the sale will truncate any lines past 4 and reduce each line to 50.

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