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Reconnect to Xero

Reconnecting Cloud.WMS workspace with Xero.

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This article is a step-by-step guide on how to reconnect your Cloud.WMS workspace with your Xero accounting system.

The XERO API connection may become unavailable for one of the following reasons.

  • Temporary XERO API outage or Scheduled Maintenance.

  • The XERO user account that originally authorised the connections access has changed.

  • Someone has removed the Cloud.WMS application access in the XERO application settings, connected apps page.

  • The XERO API was unavailable for an extended period and the application keys have expired requiring a new authorisation.

Detail Steps

Choose the Tools >Connect > Health Check option, then select β€œReconnect to Xero” and confirm.

Click "Yes" to confirm and continue.

A new tab or window will open in your browser, please do not click the confirmation box in your Cloud.WMS until the following process is complete.

If you are not currently logged into your XERO company file, you will be asked to enter your credentials.

Once logged in successfully, select your company file from the "Select Another Organisation" Drop down list.

Use the search option if you have multiple files accessible.

Select "Allow access"

Successful Authorisation will result in the following message.

Return to your Cloud.WMS software and select "OK".

Test your connection, select "Start Check..."

A successful connection result will be shown as Test Status Passed.

If you receive any other results, please contact the support team for further guidance.

Related Information

A high level of access is required in XERO to access all data needed for the connection. If you believe your account may not have the required access, please contact your accounts administrator.

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